Introduction to Knowledge-based Economy Group

Technological studies embrace different aspects ranging from philosophical issues to technical subjects. One of the most important aspects of technology development is technology and innovation economy which has been a major subject of study since the emergence of this field. It can be claimed that one of the main foundations on which studies in science, technology and innovation emerge and are subsequently shaped, is economic studies. For this reason, given the importance of this part of studies, one of the study groups was devoted to studies in knowledge-based economy on the very first working day of the institute. Seeking to play a key role in the development of knowledge-based economy science through producing theoretical knowledge is the mission determined for this group based on the goals and main mission of the Institute.    
In this group, political suggestions and policy follow-up activities are carried out through one of the following plans:
- Developing the related science in the country
- Identifying  the economic issues of the country (regarding knowledge-based economy in particular)
- Training  manpower in the field of knowledge-based economy
- Publishing scientific materials in the publications 

It should be said that the aforementioned mission and plans have been selected based on the survey analysis in Iran. Surveying features in the field of knowledge-based economy in Iran are very specific. The science of economy in Iran has not considered technology as a means of power and an independent factor of production. This is because of the dominance of neoclassic beliefs in this field which consider technology as an exogenous factor. For this reason, the literature of this field and development economy in particular, has not been involved in scientific and policy-making circles. This is the reason why scientific development and well-trained manpower is of critical importance in this respect. 

A summary of the group‘s achievements
- Explanation and expansion of the system of knowledge-based economy in Iran
- Carrying out fundamental studies to offer  suggestions regarding the economical, scientific and technological sections of the Sixth Development Plan 
- Doing research to explain the relationship between the resilient economy and knowledge-based economy
- Carrying out research and consultancy projects in various fields in Iran
- Identifying  the potentials of individuals and active centers in the field of knowledge-based economy and building proper relationships among those involved in knowledge-based economy 
- Recruiting and expanding fulltime and gifted manpower
- Helping the formation of technology and innovation economy in economy departments and faculties
- Establishing interactions with other countries’ knowledge-based economy centers and related international organizations