Introduction to Social Studies and Islamic-Iranian Development Pattern Group

This group was established in 2014 through merging with two other groups. The main goal of group is to facilitate the process of codification, promotion and applying the Islamic-Iranian development pattern (especially in science and technology). Values considered here are as follows:
- Full commitment to all Islamic and revolutionary values
- Practical and scientific compliance with supreme leader’s statements 
- Taking an approach including both theoretical and practical perspective (related to Islamic-Iranian development pattern)
- Macro perspective
- Having a multidimensional perspective
- Research - orientated approach
- Innovation - orientated approach 
- Perseverance and specialized follow ups  concerning research topics by group members 
- Self-management and duty-orientation
- Having hardworking behaviors in doing responsibility
- Ambition 
- Commitment to group’s decisions 

- Getting to know  the development status  of the country (development in aspects such as scientific, technological, social, cultural, economical, political, and so on)
- Conceptualizing the theory of Islamic-Iranian development pattern and creating a discourse of dialogue in this regard and consequently promoting and enhancing this theory 
- Deriving a basic model of Islamic-Iranian development pattern (particularly in the field of science and technology)
- Promoting the Islamic-Iranian development pattern regarding science and technology advancement (trying to get to know the whole concept which will gradually be developed at the local and international level)  
- Recognizing the relationship among society, culture, technology and advancement

Group's research priorities:
Based on the group’s mission its research priorities are divided into two main categories:
1: Content goals:
Content goals fall further into the following sub-categories:
A) Identification goals:
- Determining the main principles and traits of Islamic-Iranian development pattern (science and technology in particular) through philosophical-Islamic studies
- Deriving comprehensive traits of Islamic-Iranian development pattern (science and technology in particular) through successful domestic experiences 
- Identifying  and meeting  the condition of advancement in science, technology, society, culture and economy to recommend an appropriate development pattern (individual observation or through other institutes and organizations)
- Seeking to find Islamic-Iranian development pattern indexes
- Attempting to gain a comprehensive perspective on the relationship between society, culture, technology and development
- Trying to establish the basic traits of the theory of Islamic development

B) Promotion goals: 
- Identifying  and communicating with active players in the field of science and technology using  an Islamic and domestic approach
- Attempting to know and assist  the general public in appreciating the concept of the pattern and its goals 
- Trying to provide an appropriate atmosphere for the elite to provide and promote  patterns
- Promoting domestic and Islamic patterns which prove to be successful; particularly in the field of science and technology  

2) Developmental goals:
- Methodological development of the group’s human resources (recruiting and promoting)
- Providing consultation services