Religious values:
Following sublime values of Islam throughout the research process

Preventing any sort of distortion and plagiarism 
Patience and perseverance:
Avoiding any superficiality and shallowness in carrying out research and refraining from attempts to gain false reputation as well as premature publication of the undertaken studies 

Believing staunchly that truth is preferred to objective presuppositions and interests

Establishing active participation with all bodies involved during the studies

Being committed to observe the rights of researchers and the subjects on whom/which research is being conducted (i.e. Humans, animals and plants) 

Keeping privacy:
Being committed to respect the privacy of persons, organizations, countries and all people and institutions involved in the research being carried out

Exercising utmost care in terms of observing all intellectual rights of the institute and its personnel

Cooperation with other fields of research:
Trying to put related findings in other fields of science into consideration while conducting research
Professional responsibilities: 
Being fully committed to responsibly employ standard research methods
Educational responsibilities:
Bing committed to publish the results and findings gained from the studies

Social responsibilities:
Trying to provide the public with the results of the studies and pave the way for the findings to be applied in the society when and where feasible and thus contributing to the improvement of society in general