Research priorities of Knowledge-based Economy Group’s Activities

Technology development will not be appreciated without sustainable commercialization of knowledge-based business. Therefore, given the position of the institute in Presidential Office to get involved in actual matters, the system of issues in this field and policy-making consultation in this regard are of critical importance. Considering this viewpoint, some issues and subjects having priority for investigation are as follows:
- Institutional studies in the field of knowledge-based economy
- Studying the requirements of macro economy for knowledge-based economy
- Studying theories and tools for economic policy-making
- Modeling the resource allocation for the development of knowledge-based economy
- Finding  the solutions for  insurance coverage  of technology and innovation in knowledge-based economy
- Finding  efficient solutions of tax exemption for knowledge-based companies
- Studying the requirements of direct foreign investment 
- Evaluating various economic schools and their viewpoints in knowledge-based economy