The Main Responsibilities of the Social Studies and Islamic-Iranian Development Pattern Group

The main mission of the group in line with the primary goal of the Institute (i.e. Issue-finding concerning aspects related to innovation, science and technology) is to achieve the following through using social studies and Islamic-Iranian development pattern:
- Finding a comprehensive perspective to achieve the goals of Islamic-Iranian development pattern in technological improvement  
- Drawing on  country’s possessions regarding the main reference documents, objective atmosphere, theory-making and religious atmosphere
- Establishing constant discussions among various experts 
- Conducting research activities in various fields
- Seeking to play a significant role in theoretical and practical grounds (policy-making)
- Putting emphasis on behind-schedule projects
- Putting emphasis on maintaining and reproducing traditional-local science 
- Building scientific relationships within and outside the Institute
- Setting high standards for member recruitment and advocating critical thinking 
- Advocating creative and innovative ideas
- Creating social capital in line with the development theory criteria 
- Reviewing and revising plans based on  macro data
- Society and Development
- Development and Technology
- Culture and Technology

Perspectives and Approaches:
- Islamic approach (jurisprudence and philosophy)
- Sociological and anthropological approaches (focused on Islamic-Iranian society)
- Foresight and policy-making approaches 
- Historical approach