Introduction to Innovation policy and Foresight Group

Innovation Policy and Foresight group was established through merging three previous groups in the institute. Having three faculty member and three full time researchers as well as some part time researchers, this group is one of the most active groups of the institute. Regarding the prospect and mission of the Institute, the missions of Innovation policy and Foresight Group are listed below:

Research aspects and prioritized subjects:
Innovation policy:
- Analyzing and developing policy
- Seeking to find the best policy tools to improve innovation (financing, tax, etc.)
- Designing and analyzing indexes
- Assessing and monitoring policies
- Laying out rules and regulations

Innovation systems: 
- Establishing national systems of innovation
- Setting up systems of innovation in various sections (i.e. Industrial, technological and geographical spheres)
- Devising policies concerning the improvement of technological institutions 
- Seeking to find mechanisms to transfer and disseminate knowledge of innovation systems and their application in country’s industries 

Foresight activities to determine issues, challenges and scientific and technological opportunities in Iran:
- Future observation
- Monitoring changes and technological and scientific trends