Current Plans


The most important current plans of the Institute:
1. Recruiting and keeping qualified manpower
- Taking the  goals and standards of the institute fully into consideration while  selecting members of faculty
- Recruiting members of faculty
- Recruiting research experts 
- Recruiting visiting instructors and cooperators

2. Improving manpower’s capabilities
- Organizing English courses
- Organizing courses in advanced statistics and research
- Granting research opportunities
- Planning for faculty members to participate in international seminars and conferences
- Institutionalizing research ethics

3. Establishing a comprehensive finance management system
- Reassessing and modifying the budgeting system (operational-based) 
- Reassessing and modifying the accounting system (commitment-based)

4. Creating and developing sound physical infrastructures regarding:
- Construction and installation activities 
- Site construction 
- Library and archive facilities

5. Developing software facilities and equipment 
- Creating and developing databases 
- Designing and performing SIS, DSS and MIS systems

6. Creating a cooperative research atmosphere and working towards its development (nationally and internationally)
- Organizing and prioritizing research groups’ plans
7. Increasing scientific products
- Monthly  Scientific Magazine
- Research scientific quarterly 
- Increasing research plans
- Increasing plans to produce and translate books
- Increasing scientific articles
- Organizing meetings, interviews and thought groups

8. Reengineering the construction and procedures of the institute based on rules and regulations and main missions of the institute

9. Increasing the incomes of the institute in terms of:
- Research incomes 
- Educational incomes
- Consultation services 
- Obtaining research funds 
- Foreign exchange earnings 

10. Establishing a performance assessment system to:
- Assess personnel performance 
- Evaluate research performance
- Create and develop data and set up networks among national and international research institutes and centers
- Create a constant system to evaluate policies concerning science and technology in and out of the country