Nanotechnology Public Education Programmes in Iran

Date : 2015-05-10

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In order to better people's general knowledge, Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council holds various programmes

In order to better people's general knowledge, Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council holds various programmes such as:

• Holding Public Education Exhibitions (Public Show):
The exhibition has been designed to demonstrate a world based on nanotechnology, and it provides the visitors with a special environment to directly interact with nanotechnology products, and to personally experience the changes in the properties and characteristics of such products. The exhibitions take the visitors to the world of nanotechnology by depicting the changes in the properties of nanotechnology products, and by carrying out experiments on nanoparticles and the nanolayers. Such exhibitions are held periodically in different cities of Iran.

• Supporting Publication of Educational Books:

Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council widely supports the translators and authors of nanotechnology educational books. More than six books had been published with the support of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council by 2009. The main purpose of authoring those books is to introduce nanotechnology to the public and the students interested in the subject.

• Training the Experts of the Mass Media:

Scientific accuracy is an important factor in the dissemination of nanotechnology news, and it is necessary for the media experts to be familiar with the general and fundamental concepts of nanotechnology, and with nanotechnology applications. Therefore, Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council has held nanotechnology training courses and visits for the media experts to the research centres in the country. The objective of such courses is to improve the understating of the experts of mass media such as radio, television... of the importance of nanotechnology in the future of the world, and to convey correct information to their audience.

• Publishing the Nanotechnology News on the Journals and the Website:

Simultaneous to the establishment of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, the monthly journal Nanotechnology started to be published in 2002. The monthly journal publishes various and diverse articles in line with its educational and information giving purposes. So far, 148 editions of the journal have been published from 2002 to 2010. The electronic version of the journal is published on the website at the same time.
In addition, the news of the achievements of the Iranian and international researches are published in Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council's website. The website is now one of the most popular scientific websites in Iran.
• Holding Annual International Festivals:

The International Nanotechnology Festivals have been held in Iran since 2008. One of the objectives of the festival is to introduce nanotechnology products to the public. The festivals have been received well by the visitors. The visitors learn the concepts and applications of nanotechnology, and can purchase nanotechnology products
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